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Hydroponic Solar Fodder System

Our hydroponic solar fodder system is the best solution for sustainable livestock farming in Iraq. 


The prototype of our hydroponic fodder system was designed and built by Iraqi engineers in Mosul, Iraq. We produce different models of the hydroponic fodder system and can customize it to suit your livestock farm's needs and specifications.

Solar Powered Hydroponic Barley Fodder Growing System is the best solution for livestock farming in Iraq and Syria where water is scarce and consequently the fodder is not always available and its price is volatile. The hydroponic fodder system turns a small amount of barley into a large amount of the most nutritious livestock feed, using a small amount of water. The whole process takes only 5 - 7 days. The system is designed to endure the hot weather and it is run by solar power to overcome the frequent power outage. With financial and technical support from Mercy Hands, the prototype of the hydroponic system was designed and built by IRADA - Iraqi Agribusiness Development and Advancement.

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