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Our Clients

Who We’ve Worked With

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Mercy Hands

IRADA has been collaborating with Mercy Hands Iraq and Mercy Hands Europe since IRADA was established in 2019. During this time, IRADA has provided training to both their staff and beneficiaries, supplied them with essential agricultural tools and items, and actively supported their agricultural initiatives.

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World Food Programme

IRADA undertook several projects indirectly for WFP through Mercy Hands. However, the first project directly implemented for WFP involved the design and establishment of aquaponics systems and greenhouses in Basra. Additionally, IRADA provided training to the beneficiaries on the operation and maintenance of these systems.

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Salah Al Din Governorate

We have helped the local government of Salah Al Din governorate to rehabilitate and develop farms and other agribusinesses in the governorate. We provide a wide range of services, such as consultations, training, installation of wells, solar panels, irrigation systems, greenhouses, and crops marketing.


General Federation of Agricultural Cooperative Societies (GFACS)

GFACS is an Iraqi quasi governmental agency that has branches in all Iraqi governorates and represents the interests of thousands of local farmers and agrarians. GFACS has been one of IRADA's customers since the early beginning.

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University of Basra

In 2023, IRADA implemented a sustainable shrimp farm for University of Basra, College of Agriculture. The project entailed rehabilitating a lake owned by the university and then transplanting shrimplets into the lake. IRADA also provided nutrients for growing the shrimplets. 

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Lawyers for Women

IRADA collaborated with Lawyers for Women NGO to deliver training on modern urban farming practices to vulnerable women in Baghdad and Anbar governorates in Iraq. 

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